Mortgage Switcher

Looking to make savings on your Mortgage?

Switching your Mortgage to a better rate could save you potentially tens of thousands over the life time of said Mortgage. Switching may not necessarly mean moving to a different Mortgage provider. You could be coming to the end of a fixed-rate period and are unsure of the next step, do you fix for another set period or do you go with a standard varaible rate, do you even stay with your current provider. Most Mortgage providers now offer a varety of different products and incentives to keep/get your business. The most important things are the interest rate and repayment period

We, at IMS Mortgages will take the time to get to know you and your requirements. We will set out the options available and how the process operates. Our team will handle the paperwork and contact with the Mortgage providers, they will keep you informed of every step taken and how the application is progressing. Our priority is your priorities, getting the best rate available and saving you potentially tens of thousands on your Mortgage.