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IMS Financial, with offices in Clonmel Co.Tipperary, Galway & Kilkenny, provides a complete financial planning & investment service to sole traders, company directors, individuals & corporate clients

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Our services include, but are not limited to, Mortgage Advice, Life Insurance plans (including life assurance, specified illness cover, income protection, unit-linked savings, investments and pension plans), tracker bonds, structured investments, Pension plans including Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs) and Debt Management to mention just a few.


We offer expert impartial advice on a range of products and with access to all major lenders and insurance companies we endeavour to find the best product in the market for our clients, which not only saves time but also provides our clients with the best value for money.

IMS Financial Services is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.


IMS Financial provide a confidential, efficient and competitive service. It is provided at a time and place convenient to our clients, either in our offices in Kilkenny, Clonmel Co.Tipperary & Galway or by appointment outside of our office. Contact us Today.


We do the leg work so you don't have to

Be it life | Mortgage | Specified Illness we will find the best prices and policy cover for your individual needs.

Looking to start a Pension or move your existing pension to a better performing pension plan then we can provide the best advice.

insurance policies

Insurance Policies

Probably the hardest thing we ever have to do is accept our mortality, none of us will be around forever. Life Insurance is one of those products that make us look at our life and accept that at some point the party will have to end, a depressing thought for most people. Without such protection as life insurance you may be leaving your loved ones open to financial hardship after you have gone, funeral costs, mortgage, loans and school fees are just some of the things that have to be faced by your loved ones. At IMS financial we will take you through the process of acquiring the right life insurance cover in a thoughtful and respectful manner. We research a wide range of lenders looking for the most competitive insurance quotes that best suit your circumstances, age and lifestyle. Don't leave your insurance needs to chance, talk to us today.

pension options for individuals

Pension Options

Finding the correct pension in the Irish pension marketplace can be a daunting task with so many variations and schemes it would make your head spin. We, at IMS Financial, will take the confusion out of the market, We offer a comprehensive Pension advisory service which clearly explaining the pension options available in Ireland and through our suitability process find the pension plan that you require for those deserved years of relaxation and retirement. For many annual annuity pensions, providing an income for life, would be the route to take.

Others may wish to discuss other routes such as post retirement investments, whatever your retirement plans may be an IMS financial adviser can talk you through the pension choices available.

Mortgage for a first time home buyer or upgrading

Mortgage Options

Mortgage for a first time home buyer or upgrading from your current home? Then talk to us. With over 40 years of combined experience in the mortgage market we compare mortgages from a wide range of lenders looking for the best mortgages in the marketplace. At IMS Financial we search for the best terms and conditions for our clients. We will negotiate on your behalf to secure the best mortgage interest rate and mortgage term to suit your finances. We are aware that this may be the biggest investment that most people will make and we want to ensure it will be the best investment you can make. We do the leg work so you don't have to

For more information on Mortgage Options please click HERE

investment options for individuals & Businesses

Investment Advise

Investing your hard earned money can be a scary process, we are all aware that the highest returns on your investment are linked to the highest risk within a volatile market, some may relish the roller-coaster ride that comes with such an investment whilst most of us are just looking for a good return on our investment. Whatever your attitude to risk we, at IMS Financial have a plan for you.

Debt Negotiation - re-structuring of your bank debt / Adjustment in your personal liability

Debt Negotiation

We provide guidance and oversee plans to improve your position in negotiations with your creditor/banks. We, at IMS, advise on the options to be considered now and into the future, to facilitate a possible re-structuring of your bank debt / Adjustment in your personal liability. We consider potential workout solutions, to include possible re-financing; introduction of new equity (if available), joint ventures, or disposal of assets.

With your written consent, communicate with all third parties on your behalf, where appropriate to negotiation and discuss your outstanding credit facilities and all other associated matters.

We provide a dedicated Debt Management website which can be found HERE.

specified illness - a serious illness can leave you facing a financial shortfall

Specified illness

When you are young you feel invincible, you can take on the world, falling ill or being incapacitated is not a concern for most of us. As we get that bit older we come to realise that while we can still take on the world we are not as invincible as we first thought, a serious illness can take you by surprise and leave you facing a financial shortfall. Specified illness cover is there to providing financial protection to those that are diagnosed and/or may need treatment for an illness deemed serious.

Income Protection is generally paid in installments after your deferred period

Income Protection

Income protection! Isn’t that just another form of specified illness cover? This can be a confusing area of insurance for even the most savvy of us. While both types of policy are intrinsically linked to loss of income due to inability to work they differ in how the cover is deployed and what specifics they pay-out for. Specified illness is usually paid out as a lump sum upon meeting the criteria laid out in the policy, Income Protection is generally paid in installments after your deferred period and is paid on an on-going basis until you are able to return to work, your policy ends, you reach retirement age or you die, which ever may be first.

There is no specific conditions to be met, if you are certified unable to work the policy will come into effect.

Income Protection Video can be viewed HERE

Group pension scheme the pension is placed with a pension company and run by appointed Trustees

Group Pensions

At IMS Financial we are well placed to provide guidance to both Employer & Employee when choosing to start or update their group pension scheme. Our advisers will take the time to meet with the Employer and Employees. Following a consultation our Adviser will be in a position to advise which Pensions scheme would benefit both Employer and Employee, even on an individual level. We know every employee has different needs at different times in their life.

So, Group Pensions....what is it? In a Group pensions scheme the pension is placed with a pension company and run by the Employer or appointed Trustees . The pension builds using employee contributions, contributions the employer may make, investment returns and tax relief. There is usually a range of funds to choose from. The value of investments may go up or down.

Web Calculators

The calculators on this website are built and operated by 3rd Party Financial Institutions unless otherwise stated. They are for illustration purposes only and not a substitute for professional financial advice.

Mortgage Interest Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

Calculate your mortgage interest repayments with our Mortgage Calculator. The Mortgage calculator on this webpage is built and operated by IMS Financial. It is for illustration purposes only and not a substitute for professional financial advice.

Mortgage switcher calculator

Mortgage Switcher Calculator

Thinking of Switching your Mortgage to a better rate? Looking to make savings on your Mortgage? Then try our Switcher calculator to see if you could make significant savings. The Mortgage calculator on this webpage is built and operated by IMS Financial. It is for illustration purposes only and not a substitute for professional financial advice

Pension income calculator

RETIREMENT Income Calculator

Setting yourself up for that well deserved retirement could not be easier with this pension calculator. The calculator on this webpage is based upon pension calculators built by New Ireland. It is designed to provide guideline indicators for Retirement income. It is recommended that you speak to your IMS Broker / Adviser before buying any financial product.



DIRECTOR David Tierney
Galway Business Development Manager

What your Financial Broker does for you

Let's be honest, if you haven't worked with a Financial Broker before, how are you supposed to know what they actually do for you? We are going to set out what you can expect.

A relationship with a Financial Broker is not a once-off transaction. Instead it is a relationship that hopefully will endure for many years. We enjoy quite a number of client relationships that are now measured in decades rather than years! Because life is a journey, and your finances are never the same from one day to the next. So regular contact sits at the heart of the relationship, both through face-to-face meetings and also phone calls.

Your financial plan is the roadmap

All of our interactions with you are to ensure you remain on course to achieve your financial goals. We use our expertise to develop a financial plan that is centred around helping you to achieve your goals. Yes, this involves hours of preparation, strategic thinking and research. But it is worth it. Without a financial plan, you are going into uncharted waters without a plan or a map to guide you, and are unlikely to reach your desired destination - achievement of your financial goals.

So what can you expect in a financial planning process?

We clarify your goals

Financial Brokers tend to share a common trait - being good listeners and good at asking questions! These are really important skills as our starting point is to get crystal clear about what it is you want to achieve in life and how this can be enabled through wise management of your financial affairs.

We prepare a financial plan

Once we know what it is that you want to achieve, we can then use our expertise and skill to work out how we believe you can reach your goals. This will typically be through better financial habits and behaviours, as well as by identifying the very best suite of financial products that you require to achieve your goals in a risk-controlled way.

We recommend a way forward

We then start to guide you home, by setting out our recommendations on actions we believe you should take and also financial products that you should potentially buy. These recommendations will be made with the sole aim of helping you to achieve your objectives.

We take the hassle way

We then help you complete any paperwork needed, we liaise with any product providers on your behalf and we keep everything moving along smoothly until your financial solutions are in place. There can be bumps in the road in getting these products in place - it's our job to make sure that you don't see or feel these! We look after all the hassle while you get on with living your life.

We keep an eye on everything

As we said at the outset, this is not a once-off transaction. Through the planning work, we develop the map to get you to your financial destination - your financial objectives. A Financial Broker doesn't just give you your map and send you off alone. Instead, we guide you towards your destination over the course of many years. We know that your circumstances will change and that your plan will need to change to reflect this. So we work with you year after year, tweaking your plan until you have finally achieved your financial goals. It is only then that our work is done.

We work with clients every day, helping them to achieve their financial goals. Is it time to start the conversation with us?


IMS Financial is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland as a Financial Advisory and Mortgage intermediary under Consumer Credit Act and Multi Agency Intermediary under 2005 Mediation Regulations. Copies of our regulatory authorisations are available upon request.

IMS Financials principal business is to provide advice and arrange transactions on behalf of clients in relation to Mortgage/ Life and Pension/ Specified Illness/ General insurance/ Debt Management/ Mortgage Repayment Protection Insurance on the products offered by the product producers from whom a written letter of appointment is held. A full list of mortgage providers, lending agencies, insurers, product producers with which IMS Financial deal can be accessed HERE.

Our full terms and conditions can be made available upon request.

Data Protection

IMS Financial Services complies with the requirements of the Irish Data Protection Act 2018 & the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018.

IMS may hold and use the information that you provided or that has been provided on your behalf on computer file, in any dematerialised form or in written hand copy and may pass the information to a third party for administration, regulatory, customer care and service purposes. This information will not be transmitted to any other party other than in accordance with law and any consent that you may have provided.


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